Should you ever intend to combine the 1 percent most wealthy individuals on earth, trust that this program will not direct you there. We discovered several red flags while scrutinizing the domainname:

The first issue on this site is the too used pressure tactics to attempt and get you to sign up as swiftly as possible before you’ve got a little time to think of what you are doing. Why would he restrict this to 25 members? Return in another time and you will nevertheless be granted access into the computer software.

1 thing that actually stood out is the way at no point throughout the movie debut did they mention that the founder’s name, no actual testimonials and instead they created this ridiculous looking page using a generic, somewhat creepy seeming movie. This isn’t really impressive and certainly not persuasive enough to get us or any sane person to believe the 1 Percent Ticket System could create $22,000+ per day.

Let us explore some extra deception discovered on the 2nd page once you publish your name and email address. The images from the testimonials area don’t match the titles! When the 1 Percent Ticket process is indeed rewarding, would not you expect them to come across some actual members to testify? Let us be logical, if they are lying together with the member’s images, it makes us wonder what else they want to conceal.

Paradoxically, every scam we examine is guilty of exactly the identical misleading tactics and rather than supplying some testimonials by gullible members, they use stock or stolen photographs! We hope to be treated with some respect when exhibited with some a promising offer and might not trust a service that’s based on lies and deception, sadly that is exactly what the 1 Percent Ticket is all about.

We do not expect this new system, program or whatever they choose to call it. In the event you chose to give it a go, we do invite you to discuss your personal review and opinions below. Let’s spread awareness and first and foremost, help us advise traders of the actual success rate made by 1 Percentage Ticket! We do examine specific services but in this circumstance, we’re not likely to have a risk, understanding that it is a system that is failing and after lots of experience estimating and exposing scam provides comparable to 1PercentTicket. Com, we’re convinced it is fake.



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